Portable Photo Backdrops from BadgePlus

Full array of portable photo backdrops, with both Gen 1 and Gen 2 sizes.

Portable photo backdrops are a great, low-cost way to equip any Photo ID operation. BadgePlus offers a simple design perfect for all corporate, education, and government credentialing projects. Our portable photo backdrops may be purchased without a stand to mount on a wall or sturdy partition using the durable brass grommets installed in each corner. Backdrops purchased with a stand may be stored when not in use. The stand is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble or dismantle. The stand also provides flexibility to adjust to the subject’s height, from 28in. to 78in. (71cm to 198cm) so it doesn’t matter whether the subject is sitting or standing. Two sizes are available (see Gen 1 and Gen 2 details below), along with other information about general use. Our portable photo backdrops are made from wrinkle-resistant polyester material and can be washed with mild soap and water if necessary. Our products come with a one-year limited warranty. All parts are made in the USA.

Technical Specifications and Important Details

Gen 1 (without and with stand)
Width: 28in/71cm, Length: 34in/86cm

Gen 2 (without stand)
Width: 34in/86cm, Length: 54in/137cm

Gen 1 Features

  • Gen 1 backdrop size: width: 28in/71cm, length: 34in/86cm
  • Available with or without stand.
  • 7 colors plus two reversible color combinations. See color details in shopping cart selector.

Gen 2 Features

  • Gen 2 backdrop size: width: 34in/86cm, length: 54in/137cm
  • Available without stand only.
  • 7 colors plus three reversible color combinations. See color details in shopping cart selector.

Gen 1 Stand Features

  • Stands are available only for our “Gen 1” portable photo backdrops.
  • Stand has a collapsible tripod base.
  • “Hook and Pull” grommet clips on each corner helps ensure a perfect fit with each use. 
  • Velcro attaches the backdrop securely and holds it in place both on top and bottom on the cross bars. 
  • Locking nuts hold the backdrop secure. Two clinch nuts allow for easy telescoping height adjustment.
  • Adjustable lower cross bar locks in place for a snug, wrinkle-free fit.

Additional Gen 2 Features

  • Extra large size adds greater flexibility for enhanced ID photography.
  • Durable brass grommets installed in each corner.
  • Ready to mount on a wall or sturdy partition.